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Our Talented Partners At Stone Impressions

Stratta, the Tile Boutique is committed to bringing the world’s finest tile designs, solutions and creations to our clients and customers. As such, we take great pride in selecting only the finest artisans and creators to be our partners.

PAL200100-Green-Altalena-Pattern-Green PAL200100-O-Altalena-Pattern-Ochre-6x6-on-Light-Travertine PAL200100-S-Altalena-Pattern-Sienna-6x6-on-Light-Travertine






One of those partners is Stone Impressions, an elite artisan stone tile design company based out of San Diego, California. We love Stone Impressions – not just for their outstanding products, but that all their designs and products are made in-house in their own San Diego production facility and design center.

From the Stone Impressions website:

Based in San Diego, California, StoneImpressions creates stunning patterns, motifs, murals, flooring, accents and listellos on natural stone. Not a decal or a heat transfer, the StoneImpressions’ process produces an image with greater depth and clarity, and a better range of color and consistency than hand painting.

StoneImpressions creates a captivating image on any porous surface, such as natural stone or cement. Choose from a growing library of hundreds of images or create a completely custom look. Our products decorate kitchen backsplashes, master baths, offices, libraries and dens, entryways for wineries and office buildings, and serve as accent pieces and borders for all parts of the home.


Stone Impressions is founded and operated by Melinda East, who is not only a talented designer but a wonderful person. We utilize Stone Impressions’ beautiful stone tile in many of our projects, and can be seen in our state-of-the-art Stratta, the Tile Boutique showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

Beautiful Marble, Stone & Tile From Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger is one of our favorite marble, stone and tile suppliers here at Stratta, the Tile Boutique. For over 60 years, Walker Zanger’s motto has been “Human artistry. Enduring craftsmanship. Exceptional service.”, and trust us – they deliver on all three promises.

We’ve told you so much about Walker Zanger in the past (read this article for more), but sometimes show is a lot more fun than tell. So why don’t we let you enjoy this beautiful set of our favorite photos from Walker Zanger’s “inspiration” collection, courtesy of the Walker Zanger website.

And remember, if you love what you see, you can get it at Stratta, the Tile Boutique!

diva_set-64 Pietra-Valmalenco_Esterno-Antracite-30x60 studio_moderne_dtl_psh-14 Weave-Pool-Detail-bluer


All photos courtesy and copyright of Walker Zanger.


What Inspires Us: Gorgeous Ammonite Fossil

At Stratta, the Tile Boutique, we are constantly inspired by the world around us. Nature often presents us with gifts that are more beautiful than anything we could hope to create. That’s why Stratta is committed to sustainable design, “green” design strategies, and renewable resources.

Case in point: check out this stunning close-up photograph of a multi-colored ammonite. Ammonite is the scientific term for “those beautiful ribbed spiral fossil thingies” – but whatever you call them, they are absolutely breathtaking up close.

(You can find more beautiful inspiration like this on Stratta’s Pinterest page!)


Did you know that ammonites are ancient cephalopods, which means they are distant relatives of the octopus and squid? Pretty cool. Ammonites serve as design inspiration for all kinds of tile and interior design projects: glass tile, stone tile, mosaics, and even tile and other surfaces made from fossilized remains and ammonites themselves!

If you want more information about how Stratta, the Tile Boutique can incorporate stunning natural design into your next tile project, fill out the contact form below!

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Solistone: Decorative Tile & Natural Stone Products

As our month of tile provider spotlight features continues, Stratta, the Tile Boutique points the spotlight on the wonderful people at Solistone. Based in Los Angeles, Solistone specializes in natural stone products and decorative tile. Their tile and mosaic work is first-rate, and can be used to create everything from a unique backsplash to the perfect accent for water features, fixtures, or beach homes (among others!)

Want your own private tour of Stratta’s showroom, or more information about Solistone products? Fill out the contact form below!

From the Solistone website:

Solistone is one of the largest importers and distributors of decorative tile and natural stone products in the United States. Our mission is to offer the highest quality and most exquisite materials that the trade has to offer. Our exceptional line of river rock mosaics, metal, glass, hand-painted ceramics, marble and terra cotta tiles will help fulfill the creative vision of any distinctive design project.

Solistone's beautiful pebble mesh tile. (Credit Solistone)

Solistone’s beautiful pebble mesh tile. (Credit Solistone)

As an authorized Solistone retailer, Stratta, the Tile Boutique carries Solistone’s line of high-quality products. Since 1997, Solistone has worked hard to cultivate a culture that blends craftsmanship with distinctive, sustainable surfaces. If you demand the best, and love a “natural” feel in your home or office, Solistone is right for you.

Check out Solistone's gorgeous river rock tile. (Credit Solistone)

Check out Solistone’s gorgeous river rock tile. (Credit Solistone)

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At Stratta, the Tile Boutique, we take pride in providing our clients with the very finest in tile, stone, and mosaic products. Since we work with the very best tile and stone suppliers, craftsmen and designers, we are able to give you a luxurious tile experience that brings artistry and world-class design to your interior design project.

Walker Zanger's beautiful Tracciato stone tile. (Credit Walker Zanger)

Walker Zanger’s beautiful Tracciato stone tile. (Credit Walker Zanger)

This month, we’re thrilled to highlight our relationship with Walker Zanger. For more than 60 years, the name Walker Zanger has simply meant the very best in tile, marble and stone. One look at their motto is all it takes to understand what this company is all about:

“Human artistry. Enduring craftsmanship. Exceptional service.”

So what do we love about Walker Zanger (besides the fact that they also have very cool blog)? It’s simple – to provide the best, we have to work with the best. And much like our other suppliers (New Ravenna Mosaics, Stone Impressions, EcoDomo, etc.), Walker Zanger has a legacy of producing nothing less than the finest tile, marble and stone products available. We’ve used Walker Zanger products in countless interior design and tile design projects, and our clients often gravitate to their designs when visiting Stratta’s awesome boutique showroom in Wyckoff, NJ.

Walker Zanger's Chelsea Art Glass, in Truffle. (Credit Walker Zanger)

Walker Zanger’s Chelsea Art Glass, in Truffle. (Credit Walker Zanger)

From Walker Zanger’s website:

“Walker Zanger has been engaged in this tradition for more than 60 years, offering our clients prized marble and stone from quarries throughout the world, each individually selected and evaluated by our experienced stone masters.

This human connection is the bedrock of our company: the relationships with families who have worked the quarries for generations, the fathers and sons who hand down the intricate knowledge required to select and judge stone, who work each day in the quarries and block yards, hand selecting the perfect block, the most beautiful slab, the finest tiles. This emphasis on quality and relationships has guided our family business and become the touchstone for Walker Zanger’s growth as the world’s leading luxury brand in the stone and tile industry.”

Interested in visiting Stratta, the Tile Boutique and taking a look at Walker Zanger’s amazing selection? Contact us today!

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Stratta, the Tile Boutique presents a brand-new custom tile design project. (Credit Stratta the Tile Boutique)

Stratta, the Tile Boutique presents a brand-new custom tile design project. (Credit Stratta the Tile Boutique)












Sometimes, it’s better to let our pictures do the talking. 🙂

If you’d like Stratta, the Tile Boutique to bring our custom tile designs to your home or office, give our office a call at 201.251.0717 or email us:!

We were blessed with the opportunity to custom design a kitchen project with a gorgeous custom panel over the stove-top and a second custom design over the wet bar area for a beautiful home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. (We also designed the flooring!)










We’ve shared these photos on our Facebook (where you can find more information) – check them out for yourself here! And please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


Natural stone tile is a great way to create a clean, earthy and stunning look in any space. Whether it’s polished or honed, the natural variations in every slab ensure that your stone tile will truly be one-of-a-kind, unique to your home or office. Stratta, the Tile Boutique has a wide variety of natural stone from which to choose.

Here are great tips to care for all the stone tile available at Stratta - including beautiful Galway tile from Stone Impressions.

Here are great tips to care for all the stone tile available at Stratta – including beautiful Galway tile from Stone Impressions.

But many people shy away from using natural stone in their interior design plans because it seems difficult to maintain and hard to keep clean and undamaged. This couldn’t be further from the truth – you just need the right information!

Using the right cleaners, knowing what not to place on stone surfaces, and how to properly maintain your stone tile surfaces is important, but not difficult. Follow these simple maintenance tips for caring for stone tile, and you’ll never have to worry about keeping your one-of-a-kind stone surfaces looking well-kept and beautiful.

4 Simple Maintenance Tips to Care for Stone Tile

1. Use the right cleaning products. Make sure the cleaning products you use on your stone are marked specifically for use on natural stone surfaces. Otherwise, the cleaning products may damage or etch your stone. Also, be very careful when using glass cleaner near your stone surfaces, as it may damage the stone.

2. If you spill something, blot it up. This applies to virtually any spill, but especially for heavily acidic or basic spills like tomato sauce, vinegar, citrus juices, tea and coffee. Rubbing your stone surfaces after a spill (especially of this nature) can cause damage to the surface, as natural stone’s composition will react with acids and bases. Instead, gently blot out any stains and spills.

3. If you own a shore home, be extra diligent. Abrasive materials like sand and dirt can do damage to (and mildly erode) your stone over time. If you utilize stone tile in your shore home’s design, it has the potential to look brilliant – just be aware that you’ll have to pay special attention to its care and maintenance.

4. Every time you clean, rinse gently with clean water. Frequent damp mopping can help keep your stone tile looking brilliant and brand new. When you mop using a gentle amount of non-pH soap or natural stone-approved cleaning products, follow up with a damp mop using only clean water to eliminate any soap or cleaner residue.

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