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Stratta Tile Provider Spotlight: Solistone

Stratta Tile Provider Spotlight: Solistone

Solistone: Decorative Tile & Natural Stone Products

As our month of tile provider spotlight features continues, Stratta, the Tile Boutique points the spotlight on the wonderful people at Solistone. Based in Los Angeles, Solistone specializes in natural stone products and decorative tile. Their tile and mosaic work is first-rate, and can be used to create everything from a unique backsplash to the perfect accent for water features, fixtures, or beach homes (among others!)

Want your own private tour of Stratta’s showroom, or more information about Solistone products? Fill out the contact form below!

From the Solistone website:

Solistone is one of the largest importers and distributors of decorative tile and natural stone products in the United States. Our mission is to offer the highest quality and most exquisite materials that the trade has to offer. Our exceptional line of river rock mosaics, metal, glass, hand-painted ceramics, marble and terra cotta tiles will help fulfill the creative vision of any distinctive design project.

Solistone's beautiful pebble mesh tile. (Credit Solistone)

Solistone’s beautiful pebble mesh tile. (Credit Solistone)

As an authorized Solistone retailer, Stratta, the Tile Boutique carries Solistone’s line of high-quality products. Since 1997, Solistone has worked hard to cultivate a culture that blends craftsmanship with distinctive, sustainable surfaces. If you demand the best, and love a “natural” feel in your home or office, Solistone is right for you.

Check out Solistone's gorgeous river rock tile. (Credit Solistone)

Check out Solistone’s gorgeous river rock tile. (Credit Solistone)

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