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Natural stone tile is a great way to create a clean, earthy and stunning look in any space. Whether it’s polished or honed, the natural variations in every slab ensure that your stone tile will truly be one-of-a-kind, unique to your home or office. Stratta, the Tile Boutique has a wide variety of natural stone from which to choose.

Here are great tips to care for all the stone tile available at Stratta - including beautiful Galway tile from Stone Impressions.

Here are great tips to care for all the stone tile available at Stratta – including beautiful Galway tile from Stone Impressions.

But many people shy away from using natural stone in their interior design plans because it seems difficult to maintain and hard to keep clean and undamaged. This couldn’t be further from the truth – you just need the right information!

Using the right cleaners, knowing what not to place on stone surfaces, and how to properly maintain your stone tile surfaces is important, but not difficult. Follow these simple maintenance tips for caring for stone tile, and you’ll never have to worry about keeping your one-of-a-kind stone surfaces looking well-kept and beautiful.

4 Simple Maintenance Tips to Care for Stone Tile

1. Use the right cleaning products. Make sure the cleaning products you use on your stone are marked specifically for use on natural stone surfaces. Otherwise, the cleaning products may damage or etch your stone. Also, be very careful when using glass cleaner near your stone surfaces, as it may damage the stone.

2. If you spill something, blot it up. This applies to virtually any spill, but especially for heavily acidic or basic spills like tomato sauce, vinegar, citrus juices, tea and coffee. Rubbing your stone surfaces after a spill (especially of this nature) can cause damage to the surface, as natural stone’s composition will react with acids and bases. Instead, gently blot out any stains and spills.

3. If you own a shore home, be extra diligent. Abrasive materials like sand and dirt can do damage to (and mildly erode) your stone over time. If you utilize stone tile in your shore home’s design, it has the potential to look brilliant – just be aware that you’ll have to pay special attention to its care and maintenance.

4. Every time you clean, rinse gently with clean water. Frequent damp mopping can help keep your stone tile looking brilliant and brand new. When you mop using a gentle amount of non-pH soap or natural stone-approved cleaning products, follow up with a damp mop using only clean water to eliminate any soap or cleaner residue.

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Make sure you like Stratta on Facebook - here's 5 reasons why!

Make sure you like Stratta on Facebook – here’s 5 reasons why!

We’ve all heard it a million times. “Like us on Facebook!” But how often do you visit a company’s Facebook page, only to find they’ve done nothing to make the visit valuable for you?

If a company wants to earn your respect, your business and your “Like”, they’d better be doing something for you. When in doubt, think of the three E’s – when you check their Facebook posts, are you Educated? Entertained? Enthusiastic?

At Stratta, the Tile Boutique, we believe that providing you with a one-of-a-kind artistic experience is the most important thing we can do. And that all starts by making a connection – in person and through social media. And one trip to our Facebook page will show you just that.

We’ve got to admit – we’d like us on Facebook if we were someone else. Our Facebook page is pretty cool, after all, and full of valuable (and fun) resources for you.

Here’s 5 great reasons to Like Stratta on Facebook!

1. Artistic Inspiration. We try to be inspired every day by something new. And while we share a lot of that inspiration with you here on Stratta’s official blog, there’s plenty of fun quotes, facts and artwork to be seen on our Facebook page as well.

2. Photos of Stratta’s Custom Tile & Mosaic Work. Our posts are full of examples of our work from client’s homes, kitchens and bathrooms. If you want a first-hand look at what we can do, you need to check out our Facebook!

3. Customer Reviews. Not only do we post photos of Stratta’s past (and current) client work, we’re blessed with some great reviews from fabulous clients. Check them out!

4. Get to Know Us. We take time to be personal on our Facebook as well, and you can get to know Nicole and the rest of our staff a little better by staying engaged with us on Facebook. Find out what shows we’re watching, what products we love, and what trends we’re following ourselves!

5. Stay Engaged With Current Events. You never know what might go on at Stratta’s beautiful showroom at 511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ. Whether it be new tile and mosaic options, Stratta staff news and events, or just a way for us to connect with you about upcoming opportunities – keep checking in! You never know what you may find!

So what are you waiting for? Like us on Facebook and get involved with Stratta!

Stratta, the Tile Boutique is proud to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in our Artistic Inspiration post of the week!

Our love for Dr. King’s message blends perfectly with our love for Andy Warhol and the pop art movement in the piece we’re highlighting today. The wonderful artist Randal Huiskens created this pop art portrait of Martin Luther King, and we think it’s absolutely beautiful.

Pop Art Portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. All rights to the artist, Randal Huiskens. (Original image found on Fine Art America.)

Pop Art Portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. All rights to the artist, Randal Huiskens. (Original image found on Fine Art America.)

There’s so much to love in Randal Huiskens’ pop art homage to Dr. King, and so many ways it ties in to what we do at Stratta, the Tile Boutique. First and foremost, it’s a loving and moving tribute to Martin Luther King, one of the most important figures in both American and 20th century world history. The care and joy Randal put into his work is evident, and an apt metaphor of the life and teachings of Dr. King himself.

The portrait is also constructed much like a fine tile mosaic, one of our specialties here at Stratta, the Tile Boutique. The attention to detail is stunning (notice the lettered tiles in the background that subtly spell “I Have A Dream”?).

On this Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we pause to remember the legacy of love Dr. King left, as well as his never-ending social impact on America and the world. We applaud Randal Huiskens on his fine pop art tribute piece, and we are inspired by the work of both Randal and Dr. King.

For information on how to purchase Randal Huisken’s pop art portrait of Martin Luther King via Fine Art America, CLICK HERE.

At Stratta, the Tile Boutique, we’re proud to be associated with some of the finest names in the tile industry. One of the companies we have an outstanding relationship with is New Ravenna Mosaics, makers of high-end, handcrafted (and beautiful) mosaics.

From the New Ravenna Mosaics website:

New Ravenna Mosaics is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of stone and  glass mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial installations. The company’s products are handcrafted mosaics that are fashioned into decorative borders, murals, field tile and medallions.

New Ravenna’s ability to treat, tumble and hone their handcrafted mosaic tiles means each tile created is truly a unique work of art. It’s a big reason why Stratta was eager to work with New Ravenna – and why we’re thrilled to carry on a fantastic business relationship.

Stratta, the Tile Boutique is honored to be one of the select North American showrooms that carry and display New Ravenna Mosaics products, and one of just a handful in New Jersey and the greater New York metro area. But that doesn’t mean New Ravenna isn’t on the fast track to success – in 2000, they were awarded the Virginia Vanguard Award for the fastest-growing manufacturing company in the state.

Jacqueline Vine Jewel Glass Mosaic by New Ravenna Mosaics. (Copyright New Ravenna Mosaics)

Jacqueline Vine Jewel Glass Mosaic by New Ravenna Mosaics. (Copyright New Ravenna Mosaics)

One of our favorite aspects of New Ravenna Mosaics is their personal touch and approach to beautiful mosaic tile design. If you visit their website and click on the Designers page, you can see the individuals who create the gorgeous designs you can find in our Stratta showroom!

Our convenient, easy-to-find Stratta showroom at 511 Goffle Road in Wyckoff, New Jersey, is your premier destination for New Ravenna Mosaics and other fine tile products. Give us a call at 201.251.0717 today to set up your private, personal showroom appointment and tour!

Beautiful, eclectic handpainted tile staircase. (Courtesy of ideahouse12, Pinterest)

Beautiful, eclectic handpainted tile staircase. CLICK TO ENLARGE! (Courtesy of ideahouse12, Pinterest)

At Stratta, we believe Andy Warhol’s statement that “Art is what you can get away with”. With this in mind, we present the first in a long series of posts on our new blog dedicated to the best in daring art – be it tile design, interior design, artwork, or just striking artistic inspiration in the world around us.

Today’s post centers on a beautiful, eclectic hand-painted tile staircase, courtesy of Pinterest user ideahouse12. We loved this staircase so much we re-pinned it on our own Pinterest page, and now we’re sharing it with you!

Rather than stick with one tile pattern on this black and white staircase, this designer took the design to the next level with four different geometric patterns, each taking several turns as the staircase ascends.

The striking, complex patterns are allowed to “pop” thanks to the matte black handrail and plain white walls with square window cut-outs. By keeping the “outline” of the stairway clean and simple, the designer allows the intricate tile patterns in the staircase to achieve maximum effect.

At Stratta, we love utilizing tile to its fullest artistic potential – and we love to applaud others when they achieve greatness. Today’s post is just the first in many examples of artistic inspiration we’ll be bringing you – we hope it inspires your next design project as much as it’s inspired us!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of today’s artistic inspiration!

Follow Stratta, the Tile Boutique on Twitter! @StrattaInc

Follow Stratta, the Tile Boutique on Twitter! @StrattaInc

If you’re not following Stratta, the Tile Boutique on Twitter, then you’re missing out on the latest news from one of the most avant-garde tile designers on the market!

Whether you’re re-designing your home, freshening up an old space with new tile concepts, or keeping up-to-speed on the latest from top tile designers, you owe it to yourself to follow Stratta on Twitter for constant news, updates and design concepts!

And if you’re just a lover of fun, daring (and sometimes quirky) art and interior design, then follow us and get some one-of-a-kind artistic inspiration!

From articles about color theory to outstanding designs from Stratta and the world over, from quotes by Andy Warhol to news direct from our state of the art showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey, there’s a little bit for everyone to love on our Twitter feed.

So what are you waiting for? Follow Stratta on Twitter now – @StrattaInc !

At Stratta, the Tile Boutique, we are committed to long term environmental responsibility. As part of our commitment to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner, Stratta actively seeks to align itself with manufacturers that demonstrate this sensitivity in the products they make.

In other words – we think “Green” is gorgeous.

With all due respect to the genius of Kermit the Frog, it’s actually pretty easy being green. It just takes a little conscious effort. Being selective about our manufacturers and tile suppliers allows us to choose ones who conduct business that’s environmentally responsible. In our own office, we follow best practices as they pertain to going (and staying) “green” at work.

Warhol Land Quote

We’re also constantly staying updated on the latest from the U.S. Green Building Council, and are proud to be working towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

From the products we offer to the materials we consume, the way we power our showroom to the business relationships we create, Stratta is always conscious about leaving our world as beautiful as we found it.

After all, in the words of our constant inspiration Andy Warhol – “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.” 

Welcome to Stratta, the Tile Boutique’s official BRAND NEW blog! At Stratta, the Tile Boutique, we provide the highest-quality tile with a style that’s avant-garde, beautiful – and sometimes a little bit daring.

Our blog is pretty new, so we’ll be constantly updating this site with plenty of new material: industry news, artistic inspiration, news and notes from our beautiful showroom, and the very best in tile design.

Please keep checking back with us as we add more and more valuable content – after all, we love you and want to make sure you stay informed with the latest from Stratta! Whether it’s the latest from our vendors and tile providers, photos of our showroom, or just a fun quote or beautiful image from someone who inspires us, you’ll find it here first!

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